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Top 10 Stocks List

Get access to the top gainer and loser stocks list. Cut through the clutter and make reliable and accurate trading decisions based on it.

Top 10 stocks

Real-time Alerts

Get notifications instantly on your phone as the market moves. Use robust tuning options and set your preferences for getting notified.

Top 10 stocks

Get Curated News

No need to scramble through the internet to find information on the stock market. We collect news about all stocks for you to go through and stay updated.

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Practice Your Trading Skills

Through our native Paper Trading option, trade stocks to gain confidence, try out new strategies, or simply test out the alerts we send you.

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Always Stay on Top

Pick up where the market is heading to, catch the latest news, and get your trade on before everyone else does.

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Create a Watchlist

Got stocks you want to keep an eye on? Create a personalized list and get updated with gains, shorts, and swings about those particular stocks.

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