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Save yourself from the hassle of knowing which stock to invest in from thousand plus options.


Be alerted on market movement even when you're not glued to the screen.

AI Based Stock

Our algorithms enable you to find top gaining/losing stocks within seconds

Alurts Enables You to
Win in a Shaky Market

Find opportunities that most people miss.

  • Identify great opportunities early
  • Tailor-made alerts according to your preference
  • Live IPO & News Updates

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Get Stock Market News

You don’t need to scramble through multiple websites to find the latest market news. We gather & present all news related to stocks so that you have everything in a single place.

Top 10 Stocks List

Top 10 Stocks List

Get access to the top gainer and loser stocks list. Cut through the clutter and make reliable and accurate trading decisions based on it.

Real-time Alerts

Real-time Alerts

We will notify you via email & SMS as soon as the market moves, anytime & anywhere. Use robust tuning options and set your preferences for getting notified.

Real-time Halts

Real-time Halts

Stay plugged in the market’s pulse with Alurts. Get notified of Market Halts and stay on top of trading opportunities.

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Equipped by the AI-powered features to get you winning in the trading market.



Stay on top of the market
real-time with:

  • thickTop 10 Gainers and Decliners?

    View top ten movements for market gainers, decliners and swings you can capitalize off of.

  • thickAlerts & Halts Access?

    Scalp the top 10 stocks going up or down during each market period.

  • thickMarket News Catalysts ?

    Receive summaries from financial advisors on the top stocks throughout the day.

  • thickIPO Calendar ?

    Find upcoming IPO's instantly.

  • thickNews ?

    Read market headlines and keep up to date on the latest sentiment.

  • thickMarket Summaries ?

    Daily automated summaries on the top gainers and decliners during each market period.

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Alurts Enables You to Win in a Shaky Market