Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I receive alerts in real-time or periodically?

With Alurts you receive alerts in real-time, as they happen.

2. What kind of alerts do I receive?

You will receive movement alerts if a stock behaves in a way that matches your alert setting. On the other hand, you will receive halt alerts – or Halts – if a stock either moves up or down by a volume you have set.

Please note movement alerts may outnumber halts since movements can be seen in Pre market (the period of trading activity that occurs before the regular market session), Intraday (the period of trading activity during regular business hours) and Postmarket (the period of trading activity after market session); while halts only happen in Intraday.

3. What platforms are you available on?

At the moment Alurts is only available on Web App. Our Android and iOS apps are under development.

4. How many alerts will I get with my subscription?

When subscribing to an Alurts plan, you will be allotted 2000 alerts every month.

5. What if I exhaust my 2000 alerts before month end?

If you’ve exhausted your credits before the end of month, you can purchase more credits as needed at $9.99 for 500 alerts. This applies to all alert types in general, including SMS and Email alerts.

6. How much control do I have on my Alerts?

You get absolute control over how you want to set up your alerts. You can update your current Alert settings or create a completely new one anytime, you can also pause or stop the alerts as you choose.

7. Can I see other stocks outside top 10 stocks?

The Top10 section shows the top ten stocks only. However, alerts and halts sections show you data for the whole market.

8. Can I adjust my view of top 10 stocks outside of what Alurts offers?

Absolutely. We have a list of “screeners” – or setting items – to adjust the top 10 views to your preferences.

9. When an alert of market movements or halts is set up, how can I pause or stop it?

You can pause or stop an alert in its setting profile. All Setting profiles can be found in Alerts’ or Halts’ setting profile list.

10. How many alerts will I receive a day?

There is no daily cap on the number of alerts you can receive. The number depends on your settings and sufficient alert credits in your account.

11. When I change an alert setting, how much time would it take to go into effect?

Any change in your alert settings will go into effect immediately.

12. How accurate is Alurts’ data?

Alurts’ data is 100% accurate and in sync with NASDAQ and NYSE.

13. Is it safe to provide my Credit Card details?

All user information is secured through SSL security, fraud prevention measures and full PCI compliance.

14. Is my personal information secured?

Your personal information is secured with Alurts. We will only use the information to deliver the most accurate alerts about the market to you. Your information will not be shared to any third-party for commercial purposes without your consent. Check out our Privacy Policy.

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