Real-Time Alerts
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Get text alerts sent directly to your phone in real-time.

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Get alerts sent to your email in

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In-App Alert

Get notified through Alurt’s app
notifications on your web browser.

How It Works

Set your alert preferences once and kick back to receive real-time SMS, email
alerts or in-app notifications.

real time stock alerts

Once you’ve set up SMS alerts and configured your alert settings, you’ll start receiving alerts as soon as something exciting happens that matches your preferences. We give you information such as:

  • check mark Symbol: The symbol for a particular stock.
  • check markPrice: The price movement of the stock.
  • check markMovement: The % movement of the stock during a chosen period.
  • check markVolume: The volume of the stock when the alert was generated.
  • check markTimestamp: The timestamp when the alert was generated.

After you’ve set up your email address and configured your email alert preferences, you’ll start receiving alerts as soon as something exciting happens.

You will get in-app notifications on alerts and badges you set in your preferences.

Alert Credits

You have a total of 500 alert credits under Alurts 7-day free trial and 2,000 under Alurts Premium Subscription.
Alert credits is the maximum number of alerts you will receive from Alurts either in SMS or Email. When your alert credits are exhausted, you will no longer receive alerts from us.
Alert credits don’t get auto billed when you run out of credits but will be ceased when the trial is over or when your Premium Subscription is cancelled (effective by the time the subscription officially ends).
You can get an additional 500 alerts for only $9.99