What are Pre Market, Intraday, Post Market?

Pre Market, Intraday and Post Market are terms to specify periods of trading activity.

  • Pre Market: The period of trading activity that occurs before the regular market session.
  • Intraday: The regular market session. The majority of trading activity for any given market day takes place in this period.
  • Post Market: The period of trading activity that occurs after the regular market session.

Note: Alurts market data and trading activity is based on Eastern Standard Time.

– Pre-Market trading occurs between 4AM EST to 9:30AM EST

– Intraday trading occurs between 9:30AM EST to 4PM EST

– Post-Market trading occurs between 4PM EST to 8PM EST

What is an alert?

You receive an alert about a stock during Pre Market, Intraday, and Post Market periods when it moves according to VolumeMovement Threshold, and Minimum Movement.

  • Movement Threshold: The percent increments you will be alerted by for the movement of all stocks.
  • Volume: The minimum and/or maximum value when the stocks move.
  • Minimum Movement: The percent that the stocks have to move from starting or lowest price of a given period before you get alerted.

What is a halt?

A halt is a temporary suspension of a security or securities, enacted and enforced by one or numerous exchanges for the duration of the suspension. A security halt is most often caused by rapid and irregular movement in stock price, when the stock price of a security moves outside a pre-determined price band long enough to halt the security. Halts commonly last around 5 minutes, however in some cases halts can last longer than 5 minutes. No trades will take place during the duration of a halt.

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